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Antinone Farm is a small family owned business nestled in the heart of Italy, amongst the charming hills of Molise, and it is here that our premium quality, cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced. 

Our olive plantation extends over several hectares of family owned land and amounts to around 1500 olive trees, including the Leccino, Gentile di Chieti, Frantoiano and Moraiolo tree varieties.

The favourable climate, right altitude and uncontaminated, fertile land of the area create the perfect conditions for our ancient olive trees to produce an excellent quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has a slightly spicy but also sweet and pleasant aftertaste and a greenish color; an indication of the high quantity of polyphenols that distinguishes a fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is ideal for any type of dish, from salad dressings to cooked sauces or simply drizzled onto bread.

The 'Antinone' name is the family's nickname from generations ago, when our ancestors were peasants living off the land. Ever since then we have been driven by the commitment and love for the land and its fruit. We as a family have been enjoying our unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil for centuries, and we are passionate about sharing this with you.

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