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How it's made

Discover how our
Antinone Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made
The Harvest

The harvest begins in mid October and lasts for around 6-8 weeks. It's all hands on deck for these few weeks and the family all mucks in. Each morning during the harvest (weather permitting), we're down at the olive plantation by 7am and don't return home until the evening - a back breaking day's work!

We use a hand held mechanical brush to shake or 'tickle' the tree's branches until the olives fall off onto the nets below. The olives are then scooped up from the nets and placed into transportation containers, in which they taken directly to the frantoio (lab).

Back at the lab

The olives are processed within just 12 hours of being harvested. This strategy of immediate harvesting and transformation of the olives allows the organoleptic qualities of the oil to remain unaltered.

Firstly the various types of olives are mixed together, washed and the leaves are removed.


They are then passed through a mill which squashes them into a pulp and this pulp is then passed through a 'cold press', which squeezes out the oil.  


The end result is a beautiful greeny gold liquid which flows out into a large container. From here it is bottled up, labelled and packaged ready for delivery.


Absolutely no chemicals or additives are used in the process. Unlike in large industrial production, the acidity of the oil is not artificially adjusted nor is the oil heated or chemically treated. It's just 100% pure, natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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